About Us

A top tier mobile phone provider across the United Kingdom, DDay phones continues to set the pace by assisting scores of people with bad credit across the UK get approved for a mobile phone contract. Our conviction is that people with a poor credit rating should not be treated any different and that is why we continue to help them get approved for bad credit mobile phone plans. Our commitment to the well being of our customers coupled with dedicated customer personnel is what has informed our success over the years.

From the time we began rolling out bad credit mobile phone plans, we have been able to help thousands of people in the United Kingdom who had initially been locked out of a mobile phone contract because of bad credit. Our core objective as a leading and reputable mobile phone lender is to ensure that as many people as possible with a poor credit rating get approved and enjoy the benefits that come with having a mobile phone contract.

We ascribe to the highest levels of professionalism and this can be seen in the caliber of professionals we employ as customer personnel. Customer satisfaction comes first and that is why we not only respect our customers but also ensure that we are seen to be doing so. For the best deals and affordable plans, don’t hesitate to come to us even if you have bad credit and we can assure you of an approval within no time.