What are bad credit mobile phone plans?

These are plans specifically intended for people with a poor credit rating and whose efforts to get approved for a mobile phone contract have come to naught. Basically, ones credit score is not used to determine whether a person gets approved or not. Provided you meet the basic requirements, you can apply and get approved within no time.

Who can apply for a bad credit mobile phone contract?

In as much as bad credit mobile phones are for people whose credit scores has suffered a beating, we require that a person be residing within the UK, has proof of income and is at least 18 years of age. Conversely, people who want to rebuild or improve their credit rating can also apply for this kind of loans as well as those who want to build a credit score from scratch.

What can make my application be rejected?

At DDay Phones, we try as much as possible to approve all applications made by our customers. In as much as credit checks don’t influence the approval of your mobile phone contract, there are grounds in which your application can be rejected. For instance, providing inaccurate information while making an application might lead to the rejection of your application.

How many bad credit mobile phone plans do you offer?

At DDay Phones we believe that offering one bad credit mobile phone plan is limiting. In that spirit, we avail as many plans as possible to enable our customers choose a plan that interests them and one which is in tandem with their needs.

Do you require for me to make a security payment upfront?

Ostensibly, DDay Phones does not in any way decline your application based on your credit score. However, in order to mitigate the risk on our side and ensure that we continue offering exemplary services to our customers we require that you make a small upfront payment. The fee is not too high and therefore you need not be discouraged with this.

What kinds of handsets are available to choose from?

DDay recognizes the need to accord our customers a wide variety of mobile phone handsets. We therefore avail as many phones as possible to our customers to ensure that they use phones that meet their tastes and preferences. In that regard, when you apply for a bad credit mobile phone contract with us, you can choose from any of the following phone models. These are: HTC, Motorola, Microsoft/windows, Huawei, iPhones, Samsung series, and many more.

Do you also offer plans for refurbished phones?

Yes. We understand that our customers are not on equal footing when it comes to their financial muscle. As such, we offer bad credit mobile phone plans for both refurbished as well as new phones. Plans for refurbished phones are relatively cheaper as compared to those for brand new phones. If you feel like you have a limited budget, you need not worry as we’ve got you covered.

Do I get to decide the kind of bad credit phone plan I want?

Yes. The ultimate choice is yours though we advise you to do so after getting proper direction from our team of qualified personnel to avert a situation where you make a bad decision and end up regretting in the near future.

Do you collaborate with different networks or will I have to change my phone number?

DDay Phones collaborate with almost all networks across the UK and as such there is no need for you to worry when applying for a mobile phone contract with us. We can always get you approved in a network of your choice and therefore no need to change your mobile phone number.

What is the commitment period?

At DDay phones, we require that you be committed for a bad credit mobile phone plan for at least 18 months.